Telephony File Conversion
Telephony File Conversion


How do I find
out what format
my client needs?


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Available Formats:
CCITT .wav
Dialogic mu-Law .vox
Dialogic a-law .vox
Dialogic ADPCM .vox
InterVoice .ivc
Natural Microsystems
...and many more!

If you do not see the  format  you need listed here,
Email us!
We're sure we can provide it!

Reservoir Road Productions
PO Box 34
Olivebridge NY 12461
Tel: 973-610-2019

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Get your telephony files converted fast !

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If you are a voiceover talent who needs telephony prompts converted,
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It's an easy 3-step process:

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3. We send the files back to you
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