Telephony File Conversion
Telephony File Conversion


How do I find
out what format
my client needs?


Have questions?



Available Formats:
CCITT .wav
Dialogic mu-Law .vox
Dialogic a-law .vox
Dialogic ADPCM .vox
InterVoice .ivc
Natural Microsystems
...and many more!

If you do not see the  format  you need listed here,
Email us!
We're sure we can provide it!

What's the process?

3 Easy Steps!

1. Email us that you sent us your files via FTP or a service like

Please send the files in 16bit/44.1K/mono/.wav format and include the file format you need the files converted to, in your email instructions

2. We download your files & convert them to the file format you need

3. We send the files back to you

3a: You pay us
(We accept PayPal and checks :-)

The fine print
Please note:
We do not check or listen to your
source files for content.

We do listen to a random sampling of a few
of the converted files, to make sure they play
in your requested format,
but we do not edit any of your files.

This is conversion only.

Can you recommend software to separate audio
into individual files?

Yes, absolutely!
If you need a software to separate files
as you record them,
I highly recommend:

I use it myself and it ROCKS!
You record in Word2WAV,
edit the files in your audio editor
(SoundForge, ProTools, Audacity, etc)
then just send us the files to convert them
to the format of your choice.


Special Offer!
 Purchase Word2WAV and use the
Convert My Files, Now! service
within 30 days of each other,
 and get a $25 discount,
either on the price of Word2WAV
or toward the cost of your
Convert My Files, Now! conversion order.

Just mention your
Word2WAV Permanent Registration number
when paying for the conversion service,
or include your Convert My Files, Now!
invoice number when sending your
discounted payment to Word2WAV.

It's that simple!

Note that you can have FULL ACCESS to Word2WAV features for 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE simply by registering a Trial license.

Word2WAV and Convert My Files, Now! are not affiliated, except for this special offer. Consequently, contact each product/service representative as appropriate in case of questions or comments regarding
Word2WAV or Convert My Files, Now!

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call!

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